Organizations come together to affect renewable energy policy

May 26, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Renewable Energy - Partnership

Two organizations team to engage policy makers around the world

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has teamed with the Clean Energy Solutions Center in order to tackle issues concerning energy policy. The two organizations will work together to champion the adoption of renewable energy throughout the world, but will have a strong focus on affecting government policy concerning this endeavor. Politics has come to play a major role in matters of energy and old government policies are becoming a hindrance to the adoption of clean energy in much of the world.

Collaboration seeks to provide policy makers with insight into energy issues

The collaboration between the two organizations is taking the form of the Renewable Energy Policy Advice Network, which will aim to bring together energy experts from around the world and provide these experts with the resources they need to help affect policy. The collaboration seeks to provide policy makers with the insight they need into the energy industry. This insight is invaluable as it will help politicians develop policies that are more accommodating of clean energy rather than policy that stifle its growth.

Renewable energy is becoming less expensive, making it more available in some parts of the world

Clean energy is becoming less expensive, which is becoming a major selling point for clean power among politicians. As energy becomes less expensive, new markets are emerging, opening up new opportunities for economic growth and sustainability. Without favorable policies, however, these markets may see no significant activity when it comes to renewable energy. Many politicians may be somewhat uninformed when it comes to matters regarding energy, and the Renewable Energy Policy Advice Network may be able to resolve this issue to some degree.

Policy makers favor economics over climate change when discussing clean energy

When it comes to the politics surrounding clean energy, climate change is often brought up as reason to support clean power. Climate change is a very controversial issue that is notoriously divisive when it comes to the political world. Because of this, policy makers often avoid the issue of climate change when discussing renewable energy, focusing on the economic prospects of clean power instead.

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