Pike Research report highlights the need for an emboldened fuel cell supply chain

Pike Research report highlights the need for an emboldened fuel cell supply chain

March 4, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus
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The hydrogen energy industry is poised on the brink of a major turning point.

The industry, as a whole, has been in a period of rapid development in recent years, which has birthed more efficient and better performing fuel cells. Growing interest from various industries around the world has added to the growth experienced by the hydrogen energy industry. A new report from Pike Research, a global market research firm specializing in hydrogen, suggests that this growth may be for naught if a global fuel cell supply chain does not receive more support.

The current supply chain for fuel cells is only adequate to handle the demands for hydrogen energy as it stands right now. The infrastructure will not be able to facilitate the mass production of fuel cells and hydrogen energy systems meant for the entirety of the world if hydrogen continued to become a popular option.

As such, Pike’s report is suggests that more money needs to be invested into the infrastructure to ensure that the supply chain will not collapse beneath the weight of global demand.

The report, titled “The Fuel Cell Stack Supply Chain,” highlights the various aspects of the world’s fuel cell infrastructure. The report shows that the supply chain is mostly comprised of privately owned companies and investment firms, with little to no participation from the world’s governing bodies. Even the European Union, though a major proponent of hydrogen energy, is mostly absent from participation in the supply chain.