Plug Power and Frames deliver 25 kW hydrogen electrolyzer to Japan

Plug Power and Frames deliver 25 kW hydrogen electrolyzer to Japan

October 23, 2020 0 By Alicia Moore

The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in the successful delivery.

Frames and Plug Power recently collaborated on the development of a 25 kW hydrogen electrolyser design, which was integrated into the 25 kW GenFuel electrolyzer. This successful commercial renewable energy technology partnership resulted in the delivery of the equipment to Japan.

Japan has been rapidly expanding its use of H2 in order to help reduce its reliance on fossil fuel.

Many experts believe that green hydrogen fuel will be central to the global capability to overcome the challenge of integrating renewable sources of electricity into traditional grid networks. H2 offers a means by which to generate and store large amounts of electricity over extended time periods.

The Frames PEM hydrogen electrolyzer systems offer a solid turn-key solution to generating H2 using water and electricity. Usually, a 25 kW PEM electrolyzer would have an H2 production capacity of about 0.5 kg per hour for use in fuel cells or stored electricity.

This project’s design was integrated into a customized enclosure. It is a self-contained unit with demineralized water generation incorporated into it, including continuous anode water conditioning.

This hydrogen electrolyzer generates H2 in its Merrimack stack which is then treated and conditioned.

Following that process, the green H2 has a 99.999 percent purity level. Frames also has the capability for offering compression or Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers storage solutions. These have a capacity for the storage and transportation of multiple tonnes of hydrogen per day.

“The combination of Frames 25kW Balance-of-Plant and Plug Power’s electrolyzer stack is an important milestone in the collaboration between Frames and Plug Power,” said Plug Power vice president of electrolyzer sales Hector Maza. “The 25kW GenFuel electrolyzer is a crucial development in the renewable portfolio of Frames and serves as the foundation for their MW-scale electrolyzers and endeavours in renewable energy.”

Frames project engineer Laurens Terraneo added: “We are delighted that Plug Power has chosen Frames’ commercial electrolyzer technology for this important project. This is the latest in a hydrogen electrolyzer - Frames 25kW Electrolyzer for Plug Powergrowing number of highly efficient hydrogen processing systems developed by Frames,” in a news release about the hydrogen electrolyzer.

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