Plug Power provides hydrogen fuel cells to Coca-Cola

Plug Power provides hydrogen fuel cells to Coca-Cola

May 14, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

50 fuel cells to power fleet of electric trucks

Plug Power, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that beverage giant Coca-Cola has acquired 50 of the company’s fuel cell units to replace the traditional batteries that were used in Coca-Cola’s electric truck fleet. Coca-Cola is the latest in a string of companies that have begun to show interest in hydrogen fuel cells and alternative energy n general. These companies have begun looking for alternatives to fossil-fuels, particularly oil, which has been growing more expensive in recent years.

Coca-Cola distribution center expected to make good use of fuel cells

Coca-Cola’s electric truck fleet will operate at its bottling and distribution center in San Leandro, California. These trucks have been powered by lithium-ion batteries for years, but are now being replaced by hydrogen fuel cells at a quick rate. Fuel cells have managed to garner acclaim with many of the world’s businesses because of their ability to produce large amounts of electricity. These energy systems are capable of producing this electricity without introducing harmful emissions to the environment. Plus Power is currently leading the charge in providing the material handling industry, holding 85% market share in this sector.

Interest in hydrogen fuel continues to grow despite challenges in the industry

Hydrogen fuel has been gaining momentum around the world recently, but progress is being made at a slow pace. While fuel cells may be powerful energy systems and viable alternatives to conventional energy systems, they are much more expensive than traditional sources of power, such as oil and coal. The expensive nature of fuel cells has proven to be a deterrent for businesses looking to adopt alternative energy. Furthermore, the lack of an adequate infrastructure has put fuel cells at a disadvantage compared to other alternative energy systems.

Progress expected to attract more investments

Progress on both these fronts is being made, with Plug Power and other companies contributing a great deal to this effort. As the fuel cell industry becomes more developed and mature, investments are expected to contribute more momentum to progress. Financial confidence in the industry is currently on the rise, a fact that many fuel cell companies are enthusiastic to exploit.

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