Plug Power to deliver new hydrogen fuel cells to Mercedes-Benz

August 23, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

Mercedes-Benz places order for hydrogen fuel cells from Plug Power

Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that Mercedes-Benz US International has placed an order for the company’s popular GenDrive fuel cells. These fuel cells have been seeing a great deal of use in the materials handling sector, where they are used to power forklifts and similar vehicles. According to Plug Power, Mercedes-Benz US International has ordered 123 GenDrive systems, which will be used at a logistics hub that is being built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

New facility to serve as logistics hub

Last year, Plug Power delivered 72 GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells to Mercedes-Benz US International, which were being used at an assembly plant located in Alabama. Mercedes-Benz began construction on its new logistics facility earlier this year. The facility boasts of a price tag of $70 million and spans more than 900,000 square feet. The new facility will manage logistics operations and support the automaker’s M-Class and GL-Class SUVs, as well as the R-Class crossover vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen Fuel VehiclesGenDrive fuel cells becoming a popular replacement for lead-acid batteries

The GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells are designed to be a complete replacement for the lead-acid batteries that are common in the materials handling space. Plug Power claims that these fuel cells are more efficient than batteries and could help companies save money on materials handling vehicles. The fuel cells can be fueled and replaced more easily than lead-acid batteries and do not require the same safety precautions when handling that most batteries require.

Auto industry continues to show support for hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming more common in the auto industry and its auxiliary sectors. Mercedes-Benz has been a prominent supporter of these energy systems for the past few years and has even developed a series of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The automaker helped prove the viability of hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation sector by taking its hydrogen-powered vehicles on a world tour, wherein the vehicles performed well without encountering any significant problems.

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