Powerful companies team to address solar energy storage

December 24, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Storage remains a problematic issue for clean power

Solar Energy PartnershipSolar energy is gaining a great deal of attention around the world, but this form of clean power must overcome several challenges that are keeping it from going mainstream. One of these challenges has to do with storage and the current state of battery technology. While batteries have become quite advanced, they may not be at the level they should be to support the widespread adoption of solar energy. Two companies have come together in order to address this issue.

SolarCity teams with Tesla

SolarCity, one of the largest solar developers in the world, and Tesla, a developer of electric vehicles, have joined forced to address the issue of solar energy storage. Both companies are owned by Elon Musk, an outspoken advocate of renewable energy. Both companies will work to advance battery technology to a new level, offering new battery systems to commercial customers. According to SolarCity, the project can be conceptualized as the creation of an on-site smart grid that is able to store solar energy in an efficient manner.

Energy grids may not be conducive to clean power

Most modern energy grids were not designed with renewable energy in mind. The electricity produced by photovoltaic modules and wind turbines is identical to the electricity produced by coal and oil, but the way that this electricity is generated is not suited for the capabilities of an energy grid. As such, a significant portion of the electrical power produced by clean technologies is lost, which is why renewable energy is often criticized as being inefficient. Batteries are part of the problem, as they are unable to store and distribute power in a way that is accommodating for clean energy systems.

Solving the storage problem could speed the adoption of solar power

Solar energy has managed to attract a great deal of support from a wide range of sources, but the storage issue is likely to cripple the progress that the solar sector sees in the future. Without addressing the problems associated with modern energy storage technology, the adoption of solar power could take significantly longer than it should.

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