QBotix solar robots to launch in California next month

QBotix solar robots to launch in California next month

September 7, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Startup prepares for the official launch of solar robots

California technology startup QBotix is preparing for the official launch of its so called “solar robots” next month. The company has been showing off its solar robots for several months, acquiring investments from a wide variety of interested parties. The solar robots may be able to cut down on the cost of producing solar energy by as much as 20%, making them an attractive energy option for the state. California is one of the most active solar energy markets in the U.S., a fact that makes the state an ideal location to develop new types of clean technology focused on harnessing the power of the sun.

Robots could lead to more efficient solar energy systems

The majority of solar energy systems in the U.S. operate on a single or dual axis tracking systems. These systems allow photovoltaic solar panels to rotate so that they have optimum exposure to the sun. These solar energy systems are considered more efficient and reliable than conventional types, but are also much more expensive.  QBotix believes its solar robots could provide the benefits of these types of solar energy systems without imposing significant costs to the state.

QBotix solar robots to launch in California next month

Solar robots to operate more than 200 solar panels at a time

The solar robots are a battery-powered machine that manages the rotation of approximately 200 solar panels at a time. The robots themselves are affordable and do not require excessive costs to be maintained. The machines are efficient and capable of boosting energy production significantly without causing operational costs to skyrocket. The solar robots operate by gliding on a fixed rail, upon which several solar panels are affixed. As the robot stops at each solar panel, it adjusts the panel so that it receives the maximum amount of solar exposure. The system is completely autonomous.

QBotix expected to release more information concerning pricing next month

QBotix has, thus far, chosen to keep the pricing details of its solar robots under wraps. This information will be publically available when the solar robots are released next month. There is currently no information on what energy companies are interested in using the solar robots, though investments in the product have been significant over the past nine months.

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