Energie Steiermark to produce renewable hydrogen PEM electrolyzers

Energie Steiermark to produce renewable hydrogen PEM electrolyzers

February 21, 2022 0 By John Max

The company will use H-TEC SYSTEMS ME450/1400 for the production of green H2 fuel.

Energie Steiermark has announced that it will be using a PEM Electrolyzer ME450/1400 from H-TEC SYSTEMS for renewable hydrogen production as a part of the Renewable Gasfield development project.

The emission-free carrier is producing the green H2 for use directly in vehicles or to be added to the grid.

The renewable hydrogen will also be used for industry purposes in the region. For instance, a Styria-region mining company in Austria will be receiving up to 70 tons of the green H2 per year from the Energie Steiermark plant. The company intends to continue to work on improving the sustainability of the H2 production. The electrolyzer itself will begin construction as soon as mid 2022.

The construction of the Renewable Gasfield facility will take place under E-Steiemark project management in southern Styria at Gabersdorf. It is a part of the company’s holistic power-to-gas approach. In it, renewable energy is used to power electrolysis resulting in green H2. Once built, the system will be connected to a biogas system already in existence. It will also be coupled with a photovoltaic system that will be newly constructed for this project.

Renewable hydrogen - Carbon Neutral

The renewable hydrogen will be produced using green energy for an emission-free process.

The power-to-gas strategy is particularly beneficial when it comes to energy storage. Unlike traditional storage systems using batteries, H2 can be stored over a long time without losing its energy value like batteries lose their charge.

Another component of the project is that the clean H2 will be fed into the existing natural gas network. The H2 will be mixed with raw biogas produced by the biogas plant. This will make it possible to implement a CO2-neutral form of methane that can then be fed into the natural gas grid. This strategy will provide enough green natural gas to supply sixty single-family dwellings per year.

The heart of the Renewable Gasfield is a project that will provide modular and expandable fuel. The purpose is to feed the existing gas network with generated natural gas and to use storage trailers to provide the renewable hydrogen.

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