FlatHyStor flat hydrogen storage solution in development for FCVs

FlatHyStor flat hydrogen storage solution in development for FCVs

February 17, 2022 0 By John Max

A consortium is working together on the project meant to enhance fuel cell vehicles.

Robert Bosch GmbH, BMW AG, Hexagon Purus, and TesTneT have announced that they’re working together on a flat hydrogen storage project called FlatHyStor.

The consortium is working together on the research and advanced development of an advanced solution.

Together, the companies are seeking to develop a flat hydrogen storage solution that will be used in future fuel cell passenger vehicles. FlatHyStor aims to come up with a “Functional design and testing of an innovative hydrogen tank system.” The funding for the project comes from German BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) in the form of a €6 million grant.

The idea behind the solution the consortium is developing is to store H2 in the flat space of the light-duty vehicle underbody of a passenger car, which would typically have been meant for battery electric vehicle (EV), where the battery modules would e integrated.

Hydrogen storage - Consortium

The flat hydrogen storage solution consortium is being led by BMW AG.

FlatHyStor is moving forward under BMW AG’s leadership. It will be responsible for the coordination of the various activities. Moreover, it will also be providing the technical specifications for the H2 storage system’s integration and application.

The responsibilities of the other members of the consortium include Hexagon Purus’ development of the high-pressure H2 cylinders in addition to the vehicle integration structure that will be required. Robert Bosch GmbH is going to be developing the necessary advanced tank valve. It will also take on the development of a high-pressure regulator technology. Finally, TesTneT Engineering GmbH will be adopting the responsibility of delivering the storage component validation according to the latest standard and codes evaluations.

The first FlatHyStor prototypes for the 700-bar high-pressure hydrogen storage systems are set to be ready for delivery by the end of this year. The researchers are hoping the result will offer a more practical solution to contain the H2 in fuel cell vehicles. Currently, at this early stage of the project, it is unclear specifically what passenger vehicle or model the solution is being developed to suit.

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