Shell thinks Verdagy’s renewable hydrogen tech is worth endorsing

Shell thinks Verdagy’s renewable hydrogen tech is worth endorsing

April 11, 2024 1 By Tami Hood

The companies will collaborate on green H2 projects.

Shell has provided technical endorsement of Verdagy’s eDynamic electrolyzers. With this endorsement, Verdagy qualifies as a supplier in Shell’s future renewable hydrogen projects. This is a big deal for Verdagy, which is a green hydrogen electrolysis company that has over ten years of experience under its belt in H2 technology and product development.

Verdagy had to first prove the quality of its tech.

Shell’s endorsement didn’t come easy. Prior to receiving it, Verdagy’s renewable hydrogen elecrolyzer underwent a year-long completion of detailed technology, design and safety reviews. The company worked with the Shell team and successfully completed the rigorous “HAZOP” (safety) review. These reviews are important and necessary steps to achieve commercial adoption within Shell.

Verdagy’s 20 MW eDynamic Electrolysis system underwent Technical Feasibility and Technology Development Reviews conducted by Shell. These reviews included thorough diligence of electrolyzer operation, performance, safety and stability. The 20 MW electrolyzer is reportedly used by Verdagy as a “building block” for infrastructure-scale (100 MW and bigger) green hydrogen installations.

A commitment to lowering the cost of renewable hydrogen.

Verdagy’s electrolyzers are highly innovative, with the widest operating range in the industry and speedy response. By combining high current densities, the electrolyzers allow for seamless coupling with renewable energy sources, providing the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH). 

Renewable Hydrogen - Verdagy 2 Megawatt Pilot Plant - Image Source - Verdagy

Verdagy 2 Megawatt Pilot Plant – Image Source: Verdagy

Verdagy’s electrolyzers show the company’s commitment to accomplish the US Department of Energy’s goal of $2/kg of levelized cost for renewable H2 by 2026.

Andrew Beard, Vice President of Hydrogen, Shell said in a recent news release, “Verdagy has developed and commercialized dynamic and cost-competitive electrolyzers for infrastructure-scale projects.”

Shell’s commitment to hydrogen projects

hydrogen news ebookShell’s recent endorsement of Verdagy’s eDynamic electrolyzers is likely to benefit the many hydrogen projects the company has planned.

According to Shell, it sees plenty of opportunities across the H2 supply chain, from production, storage and transportation to shipping and end-customer solutions. Currently, one of the largest projects it has in the works is Holland Hydrogen I. Once operational in the Netherlands in 2025, with a 200 MW electrolyzer, it will be Europe’s largest renewable hydrogen plant.

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