Research team aims to develop better hydrogen fuel storage solutions

April 27, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Researchers receive funding to developer better hydrogen fuel storage materials

Researchers from the University of Michigan have been exploring for efficient materials that could be used to build hydrogen fuel storage solutions. The research team intends to develop what it believes to be a “best-in-class” storage solution that can overcome the problems that conventional hydrogen storage systems face currently. The Department of Energy has awarded the university’s research team a $1.2 million grant that will help in the endeavor.

Metal-organic frameworks could make hydrogen storage more efficient

The research project will investigate man-made compounds that are called metal-organic frameworks. These frameworks have the ability to store hydrogen at high density, which make them valuable materials when it comes to hydrogen storage. Finding the right type of metal-organic frameworks can be a difficult and time consuming process, however, so it may be some time before the research team finds an adequate solution to the problems that exist in modern hydrogen fuel storage.

Better storage solutions may benefit the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Research - University of MichiganBetter storage solutions could have a major impact on the transportation space. Fuel cell vehicles are expected to find commercialization in the coming years, but existing hydrogen storage systems are not typically considered efficient enough to be viable when it comes to consumer transportation. Fuel cell vehicles equipped with efficient storage systems will consume less hydrogen fuel, which is likely to make these vehicles more attractive to consumers interested in clean transportation.

Advanced storage solutions may help a hydrogen fuel infrastructure take form

The research team from the University of Michigan has been working to develop road-ready hydrogen fuel storage materials since 2012. The team is comprised of multi-disciplined individuals that are interested in clean technology and renewable energy. Their work could pave the way for highly efficient vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. Better hydrogen storage solutions would also benefit various industrial sectors that have been using hydrogen fuel cells as a source of energy for several years. Better storage solutions could also help in the creation of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

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