Residential solar energy may get a boost through new partnership

November 19, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

BMW and SolarCity team to promote solar energy

Solar Energy Partnership - BMWSolar energy may be gaining more attention as the years go by, but many people have yet to embrace this form of clean power due to how expensive its associated technology is. While solar systems are certainly expensive, many people and businesses are unaware of the leasing programs and other initiatives that are designed to mitigate the upfront costs of adoption. Automaker BMW believes that solar energy could benefit from some cross promotion and has partnered with SolarCity, one of the largest solar developers in the world, to bring more attention to the programs that exist to boost the adoption of solar energy.

Purchase of a BMW i grants access to discounted leasing plan

Together, the two companies are set to launch a new campaign focused on SolarCity’s acclaimed leasing program and the BMW i series of vehicles. The BMW i is an electric vehicle that has managed to generate a great deal of popularity among consumers looking for an alternative to conventional vehicles. Per the campaign, those that purchase a new BMW i vehicle will also gain access to the leasing program being offered by SolarCity and a 10% discount will be attributed to the plan itself.

Leasing program meant to make solar energy more accessible

SolarCity’s leasing program requires no down payments and is meant to completely eliminate the upfront costs associated with the adoption of solar energy. Homes that take advantage of this program typically see their energy bills eliminated as they no longer derive their electrical power from utilities. Instead, homeowners pay SolarCity a monthly fee, which is typically lower than the bills they had received from energy companies in the past.

Many consumers remain unaware of leasing programs

Leasing programs may be the key to encouraging the adoption of solar energy among homeowners. The problem, however, is that there are many misconceptions when it comes to residential solar energy. Many homeowners have shown interest in solar power, but believe that there are no options for them that can help lower the costs of adoption. This is largely due to the low awareness of leasing programs coming from companies like SolarCity.

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