Solar energy for homes gains more funding in California

November 12, 2013 0 By John Max

Funding for residential solar energy projects shifts

Solar Energy Funding for HomesSolar energy systems for homes are expected to become more accessible in San Diego, California, thanks to new funding provided to the California Solar Initiative. The program is designed to provide financial support for solar energy projects. This support is given for the first 180 megawatts worth of solar projects that take root within the San Diego area. The vast majority of this funding, however, was for non-residential projects, but that is changing due to action from the California Public Utilities Commission.

$5 million allocated for residential solar projects

The California Public Utilities Commission has announced that $5 million of the California Solar Initiative’s funding will be partitioned for residential solar energy projects only. This increases the amount of money that the program offers to residential projects by a significant margin and is expected to help fund the development of 25 megawatts worth of home-based solar energy systems. The money the program provides to residential solar energy projects has been debated for some time, largely due to how such energy systems could affect the business of utilities.

Solar energy gains popularity among homeowners

Solar energy is becoming quite popular among homeowners in California. One of the reasons behind this popularity has to do with finances. While solar energy systems represent a significant upfront investment, they allow users to, essentially, generate their own electrical power. Those with solar energy systems do not need to purchase the electricity they use from utilities, which translates into financial losses for these utilities.

Solar programs help raise adoption

The costs associated with the adoption of solar energy have made it somewhat unattractive to homeowners, providing some relief to utilities worried about potential losses. Solar energy leasing programs are becoming a popular option, however, as these programs remove the upfront investment required for residential solar systems. Along with the California Solar Initiative, these programs are helping a wider range of homeowners throughout California adopt solar energy.

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