Riversimple fuel cell vehicles may help make the UK a thriving clean transportation market

May 19, 2016 0 By Erin Kilgore

Riversimple is making promising progress on its work with fuel cell technology

Riversimple, a Welsh automaker, is making progress in creating a bright future for clean transportation. The company revealed its plans to develop a new fuel cell vehicle, called the Rasa, some months ago. It also showcased other variants of this vehicle only a short time ago. The Rasa is showing great promise to become a very popular clean vehicle among consumers in the United Kingdom, and may be one of the more affordable options available to drivers when it is released.

Creating affordable fuel cell vehicles has been a challenging issue for some time

The Rasa represents Riversimple’s first step into developing affordable vehicles that make use of advanced technology. Hydrogen fuel cells have become quite popular among many automakers, largely due to the energy capabilities of these energy systems. Fuel cells generate electricity by consuming hydrogen. This does not result in the production of harmful emissions, however, making fuel cells an effective alternative to lithium-ion batteries, which have been used to power clean vehicles for years. Compared to batteries, however, fuel cells are quite expensive. This is a problem that automakers have been working to solve for some time.

Crowdfunding may secure significant financial support for Riversimple

Riversimple is currently seeking out funding from private parties through a crowdfunding platform. This initiative is meant to match a $2.2 million grant that the automaker has received from the European Union. This funding will enable the company to trial 20 units of its Rasa vehicle in the UK by the end of this year. If all goes according to plan, Riversimple fuel cell vehicles will be commercially available by 2018.

1.3 million fuel cell vehicles to be operating in the UK by 2030

The UK government predicts that more than 1.3 million fuel cell vehicles will be on the roads by 2030. Riversimple aims to be a part of this endeavor, ensuring that its clean vehicles are affordable and attractive to consumers interested in clean transportation. Riversimple fuel cell vehicles, especially larger versions of the Rasa, may be able to accommodate consumer demand and ensure that the UK becomes a prominent clean transportation market.

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