Shell opens new hydrogen fuel station in Newport Beach

Shell opens new hydrogen fuel station in Newport Beach

December 4, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus


Shell continues to expand hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California

California has long been a state with a strong focus on alternative energy, as well as one of the most attractive markets for the auto industry. As the auto industry begins to focus more on clean transportation through the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles, California is seeing a greater need for a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Shell, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, is taking the need for a hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California seriously and has been building fuel stations for a new generation of vehicles at a rapid pace.

New station may make hydrogen transportation more feasible

Shell has announced the opening of a new hydrogen fuel station in Newport Beach. This station is the fourth in a demonstration project that aims to show how viable hydrogen-powered vehicles can be when backed by a comprehensive infrastructure. Though California is already becoming a bastion for hydrogen transportation in the U.S., there are still relatively few hydrogen fuel stations that are open to the public. Shell’s new station in Newport Beach is one of those that all drivers of hydrogen-powered vehicles can make use of.

Station part of overarching demonstration project

The new hydrogen fuel station from Shell is open 24 hours a day. Shell expects to see as many as 12 drivers use the station’s hydrogen fuel pumps on a daily basis. Shell opened its first hydrogen fuel station in California in 2008. In 2011, the company opened the world’s first hydrogen fuel station that was connected to an already existing hydrogen pipeline and had been offering hydrogen fuel for free for a limited time. Shell is keen on showing that hydrogen transportation can be an effective alternative to traditional transportation, if it can be supported by a strong infrastructure.

Station expected to bring more support to the Honda FCX Clarity

The new hydrogen fuel station in Newport Beach may be a boon for drivers of the Honda FCX Clarity, which is one of the few hydrogen-powered vehicles that are currently available to consumers. The FCX Clarity has become quite popular in California and a larger infrastructure may further increase the support and adoption the vehicle has been receiving in recent months.

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