Enbridge invests $6.6 million in Smartpipe Technologies

Enbridge invests $6.6 million in Smartpipe Technologies

May 6, 2022 0 By Tami Hood

The investment is meant to develop pipeline technology for the safe transport of H2 and CO2.

Smartpipe Technologies recently announced that it has received a $6.6 million investment from Enbridge for the development of innovative pipeline technology.

The goal of the new pipeline tech will be to boost the safety and versatility of the existing infrastructure.

The Smartpipe Technologies tech is patented and developed using a high strength composite internal pipeline liner. That is pulled through the existing pipeline in order to enhance the structural integrity and make it possible for improved monitoring. The additional monitoring and leak detection is provided in real time through an embedded fiber optics line.

The non-metallic construction of this tech makes it possible to provide a substantial safety and reliability boost with the engineered safety factors achieving twice the level of the latest standard steel pipelines. Further to improving safely, the tech is also appropriate for the distribution of both H2 and carbon dioxide. Both of those functions will be critical in the energy transition toward decarbonization.

Smartpipe Technologies - gas pipeline

The Smartpipe Technologies tech can be used for upgrading existing and aging steel pipelines.

Because of the trenchless installation method for the technology, one of the important applications for this tech will be in upgrading aging existing steel pipelines already being used. This is particularly true in locations where they are difficult to access and where excavation would be disruptive to communities or specific landowners.

“Enbridge has been a solid partner in the development of this technology,” said SmartPipe Technologies CEO Gary Littlestar. “Public safety and environmental security have been our foundation from inception, and these core values align perfectly with our partner, Enbridge.”

The company’s strategy is designed around supporting pipeline companies as they transition to the transport of more sustainable energy forms while still using the pipeline infrastructure they already have in place.

“This is a very exciting technology that can improve the safety of existing pipelines and support the transportation of low carbon energy sources such as hydrogen, demonstrating how our assets can be a bridge to a cleaner energy future,” said Enbridge Vice President of Strategy and Market Innovation Caitlin Tessin. “Enbridge is always interested in investing in technology that build on its safety leadership and improve the sustainability of its existing pipeline system. This investment is an excellent example of how we are doing just that.”

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