Solar energy company expands to Hawaii

September 4, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Hawaii is now an open market for SolarCity and the company’s solar power products and services

SolarCity, a leading provider of solar technologies, has announced its expansion to Hawaii Island, the largest island in the U.S. Hawaii has become a strong advocate for renewable energy, particularly solar power. Clean energy is becoming an attractive option for the state because it relies heavily on fuel imports in order to produce its own electrical power. The economic prospects of solar power are often lauded in the state and consumers and businesses alike have been expressing the desire to embrace solar energy.

Hawaiian homeowners and businesses show favor for solar power

SolarCity has garnered acclaim for its leasing programs, which are designed to offset the high upfront costs associated with solar adoption. Homeowners often show interest in solar energy, but avoid it because of its expensive nature.  Photovoltaic panels themselves are quite expensive, but so too is their installation. Leasing programs allow homeowners to avoid upfront costs, trading them for monthly payments instead.

SolarCity attracts 100 customers throughout Hawaii, including the Department of Transportation

Hawaii - solar energySome 100 customers in Hawaii have joined SolarCity thus far. The company has partnered with the Hawaii Department of Transportation in order to bring its solar panels to the Kona International Airport as well. Homeowners are not the only ones interested in solar power and SolarCity is well positioned to accommodate the needs of businesses that want to embrace renewable energy as well. Both state agencies and businesses are keenly interested in the economic gains that can be had through the adoption of solar power.

Economic benefits of solar power are often praised by consumers and businesses in Hawaii

In 2012, a typical solar energy system in Hawaii was able to pay for itself within a four year period. These energy systems would generate a profit approximately four times greater than their actual cost throughout their lifetime as well. This is one of the reasons solar power has become so popular among homeowners in Hawaii. Environmental concerns have also contributed to the growing popularity of clean energy in the state.

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