Solar Energy Jobs Act gains support in Minnesota

Solar Energy Jobs Act gains support in Minnesota

June 8, 2013 Off By Alicia Moore

Minnesota’s ambitious solar energy legislation could be an economic boon

In the U.S., Minnesota is looking to establish itself as a leading state in terms of solar energy. The state has been a strong supporter of renewable energy in the past, but has now set its sights on solar energy due to the economic prospects that this form of clean power represents. A new legislation has been introduced in the state, called the Solar Energy Jobs Act. This legislation aims to significantly increase the solar energy capacity of the state, thereby also increasing the number of jobs that are available in the clean power sector.

Legislation aims to increase solar energy capacity of the state

The legislation aims to increase Minnesota’s solar energy capacity from 13 megawatts to more than 450 megawatts. This would, of course, require the construction of new solar energy systems throughout the state, which itself is expected to create a significant number of temporary construction jobs. Once the systems come online, they would require regular maintenance and management, which will also provide new jobs for those with some technical experience.

Solar Energy Other goals are to be established by ambitious legislation

The legislation does not only seek to boost solar energy capacity for the state; it also establishes a goal for Minnesota to receive no less than 10% of its total energy from solar power systems by 2030. The legislation also aims to provide more support behind community-owned solar energy projects in order to get consumers more involved in the renewable energy sector. A one-year study will also be commissioned by the legislation to investigate the state’s current energy grid and determine how it can be modernized to better accommodate solar energy and other forms of clean power.

Solar Energy Jobs Act continues to gain support

The Solar Energy Jobs Act has already managed to acquire a great deal of support from lawmakers and state residents. Governor Mark Dayton is one of the chief supporters of the legislation and hopes to see it come to fruition in the near future. If the legislation becomes law, Minnesota is expected to become a leading force in the U.S. solar energy market.

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