Solar energy leasing programs may help people save money

November 6, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Solar energy continues to make progress despite high costs of adoptionSave money on solar energy

Solar energy has been gaining more attention in recent years, but this form of clean power has yet to go mainstream, and cost may be to blame. For those interested in solar energy, their interest may not translate into actual adoption because of the upfront costs associated with solar technologies. Solar systems are notoriously expensive, putting them well beyond the financial reach of many homeowners. There may be a solution to this problem, however, which is encompassed in leasing programs.

Leasing programs make solar power more accessible

Solar leasing programs are designed to make solar energy more accessible than it normally would be. Such programs are somewhat common among energy companies that specialize in generating electrical power from sunlight, but awareness of these programs is not necessarily common among consumers. Leasing programs are designed to remove the upfront costs associated with solar energy adoption, opting instead for a monthly fee structure that reduces the financial impact of solar systems.

Consumers could save an average of $600 a year on their energy bills

The benefits of a solar leasing program are often underplayed. According to the Solar Electric Power Association, a leasing program can save consumers an average of $600 a year on their energy bills. The majority of these savings come from the solar system that is providing renewable electrical power, but these savings are more apparent to consumers that take advantage of leasing programs. The daunting upfront costs associated with solar adoption can sometimes cloud the benefits that a consumer may attain through the use of solar energy.

Leases ensure solar systems live up to a high standard

Another benefit of leasing programs is that the companies responsible for these programs will also maintain the solar systems that are being used by consumers. Leasing programs often come with performance guarantees in order to ensure that solar systems meet a certain standard of energy production while they are being used by consumers.

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