Waste2Tricity to deploy hydrogen fuel cells in Thailand

November 6, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Waste2Tricity wins rights to bring AFC Energy hydrogen fuel cells to ThailandThailand - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Waste2Tricity has won the rights to deploy hydrogen fuel cells produced by AFC Energy throughout Thailand. Waste2Tricity specializes in using waste products as an energy source, helping reduce the environmental and health impact that waste has on a populace while also providing that populace with a new source of renewable power. The company already owns the rights to deploy AFC Energy fuel cells in the United Kingdom as well as some parts of Europe and North America, but the demand in Thailand for comprehensive energy systems has become too large to ignore.

Waste may be a valuable source of renewable energy

Converting waste into electricity is an attractive concept. As populations grow, they produce more waste, which can have a significant impact on the way these populations live. Without adequate waste processing and disposal methods in place, the waste a population produces can have a serious impact on that population’s health. Waste2Tricity believes that this waste is a valuable and largely untapped source of renewable energy and the company has been working to make use of this energy by leveraging the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells.

AFC Energy technology may make Waste2Tricity a leading energy provider in Thailand

Waste2Tricity will work to establish new technology in Thailand that will convert the gases produced at landfills into hydrogen fuel, which can be used by fuel cells to generate electricity. The most common gas that can be found at landfills is methane, which can also be used by fuel cells to produce electrical power. Through the use of AFC Energy’s fuel cells, Waste2Tricity expects that it will establish itself as a leader in the Thai market, largely due to the fact that it will pay for waste rather than force suppliers to pay a fee for the company to take waste feedstock.

Demand for renewable energy is on the rise

The demand for renewable energy has been growing steadily in Thailand over the past few years. The majority of this demand has to do with solar energy, but hydrogen fuel cells are also gaining some attention in the country. Fuel cells are often touted for their capabilities in the field of transportation, but whether or not hydrogen-powered vehicles will become popular in Thailand has yet to be seen.

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