Solar energy makes progress in Chile

Solar energy makes progress in Chile

July 2, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Solar energy infrastructure begins to mature in Chile

Chile is quickly establishing itself as a leader in the solar energy field. The country has taken aggressive steps in its support of solar energy and the development of a sustainable infrastructure. Thus far, the country remains somewhat behind others in the solar field, but it is gaining momentum that could help it overcome others in the long term. The Chilean Center for Renewable Energy has released a new report that highlights the growth of the country’s solar energy infrastructure.

Total of 6.2GW of solar capacity could take root in Chile

According to the report, the Chilean Environmental Evaluation Service has issued approval for 4 gigawatts of new solar energy projects. These projects will take root throughout the country and will significantly boost Chile’s solar capacity. The Environmental Evaluation Service is also currently reviewing an additional 2.2 gigawatts worth of solar energy projects that could receive approval in the coming weeks.

Chile Solar EnergyCurrent capacity stands at 3.5MW

Chile’s solar capacity currently stands at 3.5 megawatts. An additional 69 megawatts worth of solar projects are currently under construction and some of these projects are scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. Chile has a strong interest in solar energy due to its economic and environmental prospects and government officials have been quick the highlight the possibility of a future free from fossil-fuels.

Solar energy finds strong advocates in the mining sector

Earlier in the year, the Chilean National Energy Commission released a report concerning the country’s solar energy endeavors. The report showed the majority of the new electricity being generated by the country’s solar energy projects go toward energy-intensive mining companies in the northern reaches of the country. Several of these companies have signed power purchase agreements with solar energy developers, effectively securing significant amounts of electrical power that the solar systems of the north generate. Backed by the interest of such businesses, Chile’s solar energy sector is expected to continue expanding well into the future.

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