Solar energy reaches new milestone in Australia

September 12, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Solar energy continues to gain momentum in Australia

One million households in Australia are equipped with rooftop solar energy systems. These systems were installed through various initiatives, many of which came from the Australian government. The country is eager to embrace solar energy in order to reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels, the majority of which are imported from other countries around the world. Australia also intends to leverage the power of solar energy to reduce emissions throughout the country. Exactly how much electrical power these solar energy systems account for is often a matter of debate.

Report highlights contribution of solar power

The Australian Energy Market Operator has released a new report that aims to shed light on the contribution of solar energy systems to the National Electricity Market. According to the report, 1.6% of the National Electricity Market is comprised of solar power. The highest contributing state in the country is South Australia, where 3.7% of electricity production comes from rooftop solar systems installed at homes throughout the region.

Rooftop Solar EnergyCompanies continue to flock to Australia to take advantage of exposure to the sun

Solar energy is expected to continue making strong progress in the country as more companies flock to Australia to take advantage of its constant exposure to solar radiation. Some of these companies have been working with the government to make solar energy more available to homeowners throughout the country. SunPower, a solar energy firm based in the U.S., recently came to the country to bring solar technology to homeowners. The company has partnered with Community First Credit Union to offset some of the financial aspects of solar energy adoption.

Wind energy also shows strong growth in the country

While solar energy is making major progress in Australia, the country has shown strong support for other forms of clean power as well. Wind energy has also been experiencing some growth in recent years. The Australian Energy Market Operator recently released a report that wind energy accounts for approximately 27% of all electricity generated in South Australia.

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