Stationary fuel cells reach milestone in Germany

Stationary fuel cells reach milestone in Germany

August 10, 2012 0 By John Max

FuelCell Energy Solutions announces sale of first stationary fuel cell power plant

FuelCell Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of FuelCell Energy Inc. and developer of stationary fuel cells, has announced the sale of its first stationary fuel cell power plant. The power plant has been sold to BAM Deutschland AG and will be installed at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research complex in Berlin, Germany. The plant will incorporate several of FuelCell Energy’s stationary fuel cells and will around the clock, every day of the year.

Stationary fuel cells becoming more popular amongst governments interested in alternative energy

Stationary fuel cells have emerged as one of the most popular alternative energy systems for several industries because of their ability to produce large quantities of electricity. The fuel cells have long been used by industrial companies, but have recently begun to attract the interest of governments. Germany, in particular, is keen to make use of alternative energy systems as it begins to phase out its use of nuclear power and fossil-fuels. Cornelia Quennedt-Thielen, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, notes that the transition away from fossil-fuels and potential dangerous forms of energy can only be successful through the development and adoption of new technologies.

Energy system to meet 40% of the electricity needs of Ministry complex

BAM Deutschland will be responsible for the construction of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and will ensure that FuelCell Energy’s power plant is incorporated therein. The power plant will make use of highly efficient stationary fuel cells, which will meet approximately 40% of the energy needs of the Ministry’s new complex. The stationary fuel cells used in the new energy system will also provide the complex with thermal power, which will be used to heat water and facilitate climate control of the complex’s various offices.

Sale of power plant may boost the adoption of stationary fuel cells

This marks a significant milestone for Fuel Cell Energy Solutions, which was founded in May of this year as a joint venture between Fraunhofer IKTS and FuelCell Energy. The company aims to promote the use of stationary fuel cells throughout Europe. The sale of its first power plant is expected to add much needed momentum to the company’s endeavors.


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