Strada deep drilling geothermal technology tests complete

Strada deep drilling geothermal technology tests complete

March 27, 2020 0 By Alicia Moore

Strada Global has successfully finished the testing it was doing on the patented FHOS.

Strada Global, a firm based in the Channel Islands, has successfully completed its testing of its patented Fluid Hammer Operating (FHOS) deep drilling geothermal technology.

The firm claims that this new FHOS tech will make this renewable energy far more cost-effective.

According to Strada Global, using this new deep drilling geothermal technology will make large scale projects using this alternative energy “possible and profitable”. Moreover, it claims that FHOS makes this possible even at substantial depths and within essentially any type of terrain. This could potentially help this type of renewable energy to overcome some of its largest challenges. Should it overcome those barriers, it would offer considerably higher potential for use in a much larger number of places around the world.

The testing process was finally completed in January. It took place in Australia. This testing made it possible for Strada Global to demonstrate that this technology is capable of higher drilling rates into hard rock, that it has a notable capacity for deeper drilling, and that it can be used with better safety as a result of the downhole condition controllability.

The patented deep drilling geothermal technology system has already received Lloyds Register approval.

The patented FHOS has already undergone approval from Lloyds Register. This determined that the system was able to reach depths of over 6,000 meters (19,700 feet). Moreover, it also has the potential to reduce the cost of the drilling process by as much as 70 percent when compared to the current costs for current conventional drilling technologies.

The FHOS technology brings together the benefits of the mud rotary system with the air hammer percussion drilling systems’ high penetration rates in hard formations, according to a statement from Strada Global.

The company also pointed out that this deep drilling geothermal technology can be adapted to fit the majority of currently used drilling rigs. Moreover, the patented tech can be used for Deep drilling geothermal - Drilling Towerpurposes beyond this renewable energy, such as in vital infrastructure projects. This further expands the potential for this technology and its capacity for additional revenue streams.