StratosShare hydrogen fuel car share program adds five to its California fleet

StratosShare hydrogen fuel car share program adds five to its California fleet

March 16, 2020 0 By Tami Hood

The shared-vehicle program is bringing in five new H2 powered Toyota Mirai cars.

A recently launched hydrogen fuel car share program in California, StratosShare, will soon be getting larger by five new vehicles. These will arrive in the form of five of the Toyota Mirai.

The StratosShare program was recently launched by the H2 firm, StratosFuel for rentals on demand.

The hydrogen fuel car share program at StratoShare makes it possible for people in California to be able to rent vehicles fuelled by H2. They can rent these vehicles by the day or by the hour using the brand’s smartphone app. The program is, in part, funded by a California Energy Commission grant. That grant provided StratosFuel with the initial capital it required to buy its first Toyota Mirai fleet.

Last week, StratosShare announced that it had signed an agreement with the largest county in the United States, San Bernardino County. This is a very promising development for the H2 company. It launches a new pilot program in the county, which will involve the five new vehicles being added to the program’s fleet. They will be housed in the county at the company’s Fleet Management yard.

This partnership is a first of its kind hydrogen fuel car share program in San Bernardino County.

The pilot will involve making the H2 fleet available to San Bernardino County employees by way of the StratosShare app.

The program has been in operation for under a year but has progressed substantially throughout that time. It has deployed vehicles to a number of popular locations such as downtowns and offices in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, airports and even universities.

“By utilising the hydrogen-powered StratosShare vehicles, we hope to demonstrate the viability of the car share concept in fleet operation, while reducing tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions in the County fleet,” said San Bernardino County Fleet Management Director Ron Lindsey.

The program’s free app makes it possible for users to reserve their H2 vehicles. That said, once they have made their reservation, they can also use the app to unlock their rental vehicle, start the car and pay all the associated rental fees. This is all done through the user’s phone and does not require either Hydrogen fuel car share - Toyota Miraimembership or hydrogen fuel car share program subscription fees. Each trip includes refuelling and maintenance, making the rentals convenient regardless of whether they are for the long- or short-term.