Tanzania takes a step toward a renewable energy future

Tanzania takes a step toward a renewable energy future

June 26, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Renewable energy continues to gain favor due to economics

Renewable energy has managed to gain strong traction throughout the world because of the economic benefits that it offers. In the past, clean power had been considered something of a novelty, important only to those that considered environmentalism as a priority. As the potential threat of climate change began receiving more attention, renewable energy grew as a political issue. The economics of clean power have, however, been able to sway many countries around the world to embrace new forms of energy without giving in to political pressures.

Geothermal power gains traction in Tanzania

In Tanzania, renewable energy has begun to take a step forward. The East African country, like its neighbors, has been showing more interest in renewable energy because of its economic prospects. Clean power could be used to create a vast amount of new and long-lasting jobs that help boost the economy. It may also help Tanzania break away from fossil-fuels and foreign sources of energy, which would alleviate a significant financial burden upon the country. Currently, Tanzania’s efforts in the renewable energy space have been limited, but geothermal power has taken a major step forward.

Tanzania - Renewable EnergyNew funding invested in development of geothermal capacity

This week, Geothermal Power Tanzania, a joint venture founded in the country to support clean energy, has made a $350 million investment into the development of geothermal energy in the southern reaches of the country. This money will be used to fund the establishment of steam fields, which can be used to effectively produce electrical power. The steam produced by these fields could account for a significant portion of the country’s estimated 650 megawatts of geothermal capacity. The funding is part of an overarching plan to establish 140 megawatts worth of geothermal energy facilities in the country by 2018.

Active rift zone makes Tanzania an ideal location for geothermal development

Part of the East African Rift runs through Tanzania, which is why the country is home to strong geothermal potential. The active rift zone has produced a relative abundance of hot springs and other such geologic features that highlight the country’s proclivity for geothermal power. Taking advantage of this power may be an effective way to stimulate the country’s economy while also helping it break away from the use of fossil-fuels and its reliance on other countries.

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