Tesla shows off its new solar energy solution

November 1, 2016 0 By Angie Bergenson

Tesla continues to break into the solar energy market with new glass tiles

Acclaimed automaker Tesla has very ambitious plans for clean transportation, but this may pale in comparison to the company’s new efforts in the solar energy market. The company has unveiled a new range of textured glass tiles. What sets these glass tiles apart from others is that they are affixed with solar cells. Moreover, these solar cells are almost indistinguishable from their conventional counterparts. This makes gives them a type of “camouflage” quality, which could make them much more attractive to homeowners interested in solar energy.

Glass tiles make use of camouflage in order to make them more attractive

The glass tiles are feature a special coating that becomes less transparent based on viewing angle. Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Tesla, notes that this feature is similar to privacy screens that are used with laptops. From a shallow angle, the glass tiles are not transparent at all. As the view is elevated, however, the solar cells affixed to the glass tiles become much more visible. As a result, the glass tiles look “normal” from the ground level, but sunlight can still be collected by the solar cells in order to generate electricity.

New glass tiles are extremely durable

Musk notes that the glass tiles are not weak, either. During a presentation of the glass tiles at Universal Studios in Las Angeles, California, Musk showed an audience footage of the glass tiles being dropped from a great height. The tiles proved to be quite durable, with Musk claiming that the tiles will never “wear out” because they are made of quarts. Musk also claimed that the glass tiles have a “quasi-infinite” lifetime, which means that homeowners interested in solar energy may never have to replace them.

Tesla has high hopes for its solar energy efforts

Tesla, along with Musk, believes that solar energy needs to be made more attractive to consumers. Many homeowners have expressed interest in installing solar energy systems on their property, but the stark appearance of solar panels, as well as the cost of installation, has discouraged some from embracing solar energy. The new glass tiles may help make solar energy successful among consumers in the coming years, if Tesla manages to entice homeowners into purchasing its new solar energy product.

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