The Journey Begins by Cody Bateman,  GenH2 CEO

The Journey Begins by Cody Bateman, GenH2 CEO

November 4, 2020 5 By Press Release

I am pleased to announce the formation of GenH2, our new company dedicated to creating the most advanced and smallest hydrogen filling station ever built. 

GenH2 is focused on a total station solution capable of onsite hydrogen production of up to 1,250kg per day with an integrated carbon capture solution.  Each station has the option of storing the hydrogen in either gaseous or in liquid form which is not only safer but also guarantees the purity of the hydrogen.                                               

The hydrogen economy has arrived with more hydrogen vehicles on the road every year.  Hydrogen is the cleanest energy that vehicles can use but the problems of creating economically efficient filling stations for cars and trucks have been prohibitive until NOW. 

Our proven and patented technology allows each station to sit on a much smaller footprint (less than 700 sq ft) so that they can be placed in both urban and rural settings and are small enough to be installed at existing gasoline stations and truck stops. 

FUTURE hydrogen fueling stations growth

Building out the infrastructure of hydrogen fueling stations is necessary for this market growth.  Today there are 150,000 gasoline stations, 500 electric vehicle power stations, and 70 hydrogen filling stations.  By utilizing a modular design that can be mass produced in our factory we are planning on producing more than 40 stations in 2022 and then producing 100 stations per year thereafter.

After the stations are fully tested at the factory they are shipped to their final location and can be fully operational within two weeks. The first stations will be concentrated in California where there already is significant support from the local, state and federal governments for hydrogen stations.  We already have commitments for more than 50 of our stations and will start production of our first four stations after the first of the year. 

Major manufacturers are building hydrogen vehicles now and more plan to do so in the future.  Toyota, GM, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and Nikola just to name a few.  With this newer more efficient way of providing hydrogen, we expect there to be tremendous expansion of producing hydrogen vehicles. 

There is much more about our company and our technology to be released in the coming months.  Keep your eye on GenH2 and join our journey….

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