Worthington Industries releases ThermaGuard cylinders for hydrogen fuel refueling stations

Worthington Industries releases ThermaGuard cylinders for hydrogen fuel refueling stations

February 8, 2021 0 By Erin Kilgore

The new solution was developed to meet the unique needs for faster H2 filling, lower costs and longer life.

Worthington Industries has now launched its new ThermaGuard cylinders as a solution for several needs that are unique to hydrogen fuel. They were developed for use by powertrain developers and refuelling stations for reducing fuel costs, achieving faster filling speeds, and extending the life of the cylinder itself.

The new design was developed through the use of the aerospace-grade standards at Worthington.

The ThermaGuard cylinders are, according to Worthington, a more efficient way to transport and store H2 gas under high pressure. The product launch was first announced on February 3, at which time Worthington described the new cylinders and some of their specs. They were developed using advanced composite materials. They are warranted at a 121ºC service life operating temperature. This removes the requirement to pre-chill the hydrogen and to replace the cylinders.

The new Worthington product was created for capturing, containing and using hydrogen fuel within a service pressure range of 248 to 700 bar (3,600 to 10,150 psi) for use as fuel cell vehicle H2 containers, as well as for mobile pipeline applications for sustainable mobility and zero-emission solutions.

The new ThermaGuard cylinders are now available for they hydrogen fuel market.

“Today is an exciting day as we introduce ThermaGuard hydrogen cylinders to the market,” said Worthington Industries director of North American high-pressure cylinders, John McConnell II. “Our extensive cross-market experience and research and development of high-pressure composite cylinders has led to a product that enables our customers to extend capacity for hydrogen fuel transportation with faster filling, longer cylinder life and lower equipment and fuel costs.”

McConnell also went on to point out that the new ThermoGuard cylinders will provide sustainable infrastructure and powertrain developers fresh opportunities to save money within the hydrogen supply chain. A release from the company upon the launch of the product identified savings opportunities in the area of faster filling, reduced fuel costs, decreased capital expenditure, lower ThermaGuard cylinders - Futuristic cyclinder designrange anxiety, and a longer life expectancy for the cylinders themselves, when compared to the current typically used solutions.

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