Tidal energy project in EU picks up momentum

April 1, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

MAGNETIDE project is making breakthroughs in its second year of development

Tidal Energy - Tidal Wave EnergyEurope’s MAGNETIDE project has begun picking up more momentum as it enters its second year of development. The project has been under active development for 14 months now and aims to create a new type of purpose-designed generator that can generate electrical power by harnessing tidal energy. There are prototype generators that are producing energy already. The project aims to increase the efficiency of tidal energy systems by 30% through the modifications made to conventional energy generators.

Tidal power is gaining more attention throughout the European Union as countries seek alternatives to fossil-fuels

Tidal energy has become a popular subject in the European Union. Several countries throughout Europe have been looking for alternatives to fossil-fuels and have been focusing on solar and wind power in order to cut down on the costs that are associated with more conventional energy solutions. Tidal energy represents a possible solution to the fossil-fuel issue as there is a great deal of energy potential to be found at sea. Island nations, such as the United Kingdom, have been showing more support for tidal energy.

Project finds quick way to produce energy generators through powder injection moulding

The MAGNETIDE project has begun producing highly efficient energy generators that are somewhat similar in design to submerged wind turbines. The generators take advantage of tidal currents in order to produce electrical power. This electricity is then sent back to the mainland where it can be incorporated into an existing energy infrastructure. Through the MAGNETIDE project, researchers have found ways to quickly develop efficient energy generators using powder injection moulding, which aids in the manufacture of complex components.

Prototypes developed by MAGNETIDE project expected to be operational by the beginning of 2015

The MAGNETIDE project is expected to reach completion at the beginning of 2015. By the time the project ends, researchers expect that they will have the project’s most capable prototype ready to generate electrical power. The generators produced by the project are also expected to see some use in other renewable energy projects that are taking root throughout the European Union.

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