Toyota launches campaign to promote hydrogen fuel vehicle

October 23, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Toyota taps into nostalgia to promote its new fuel cell vehicle

Toyota has launched a new marketing campaign for its fuel cell vehicle, called the Mirai. The vehicle is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, something that people have called a “future technology.” These energy systems have, in fact, existed for more than a century, with the first fuel cells, though crude, being developed in 1838. Over the years, fuel cells have found a place in various industrial sectors, but now they have become prominent among automakers because they can generate electrical power without also producing harmful emissions.

Mirai will be launching in new markets early next year

Toyota’s Mirai was launched in Japan last year, with the automaker reporting shortly after its launch that it will ramp up production on this vehicle in order to accommodate consumer demand, which was unexpectedly high. The automaker has plans to bring the Mirai to other markets in early 2016, hoping that consumers in foreign countries will be as interested in the fuel cell vehicle as those in Japan were. In order to promote the vehicle, Toyota has begun focusing on the futuristic qualities of the Mirai and its hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Time travel film draws attention to technology behind Mirai

The automaker has launched an ad campaign for Back to the Future Day, which was held on October 21, 2015. This is the famous date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled to in the film Back to the Future II. The two characters are played by and Michael J. Fox, respectively, and Toyota has reunited the two in order to promote the Mirai. According to Toyota, the Mirai can be powered by garbage in a way similar to how the famed time traveling vehicle was in the Back to the Future film.

Hydrogen fuel can be produced through the use of biogas

More accurately, the Mirai operates using hydrogen fuel, but this fuel can be produced with the help of garbage. Toyota’s marketing campaign highlights the fact that trash sent to landfills produces a massive amount of biogas, which can be repurposed into hydrogen fuel. The Mirai has begun to attract strong support among consumers, especially those interested in clean transportation.