The hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai outsold the Supra sports car last year

The hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai outsold the Supra sports car last year

January 10, 2024 0 By Frankie Wallace

Despite the lack of refueling infrastructure, the H2 powered car still sold more than the performance vehicle.

The Toyota Mirai’s second-generation hydrogen fuel cell model managed to sell more units in 2023 than its flagship performance sportscar, the Supra.

The fuel cell car is an elegant looking sedan that has been well reviewed for its performance and experience.

The Toyota Mirai is currently the one of only mass-market hydrogen fuel cell car available in the United States, the other being the Hyundai Nexo. It is currently sold in California and provides a unique emission-free driving experience, as it requires refueling with hydrogen as opposed to recharging.

Still, even without a functional, practical refueling network, the automaker was able to sell more units of the hydrogen fuel cell car than it was its flagship performance sports car Supra last year.

In 2023, the company sold 2737 of its H2-powered sedan. On the other hand, it was able to sell only 2652 of its Supra model. That was only slightly over half of the number of Supras it sold in 2022, which was 4952.

The Toyota Mirai sales were only a tiny fragment of the total 1.9 million cars it sold in the US last year.

In 2023, the company sold 11,078 of its GR86, and a much higher 232,370 of its highly popular Corolla. In total, among all models of passenger vehicle, it sold over 1.9 million units in the United States last year.

Toyota Mirai car sales vs. Supra sales - Image of a Supra Vehicle with Sold sign

While the 2737 units of the hydrogen car doesn’t sound all that impressive when compared to those other totals, it is still seen as a successful start in making sure that this technology is on the roads and may one day become more popular.

Carbon emission-free vehicles

hydrogen news ebookThe Toyota Mirai isn’t nearly as popular as the company’s electric vehicles and more traditional hybrids, but the comparison with Supra sales still provides some context. Still, while the automaker has diversified its low-carbon and emission-free vehicle options, it has not given up on H2 altogether, moving forward with the technology in a number of meaningful ways. This is particularly true in racing and in commercial vehicles.

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