Toyota releases report detailing plans for a hydrogen-powered future

Toyota releases report detailing plans for a hydrogen-powered future

December 4, 2011 0 By John Max

Toyota has released a new report detailing their plans to launch their new hydrogen-powered vehicles into the commercial market.

The Japanese automaker has long been a formidable force in the world of alternative energy. The carmaker was the first in the industry to create a hybrid, gasoline-electric vehicle that has become synonymous with environmental friendliness. Toyota had been tentative to adopt hydrogen in the past, but has now been won over by fuel cells due to new technologies that have made them more efficient.

The report shows that Toyota plans to launch their hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2015. This will be behind the automakers competitors who plan on releasing their vehicles in 2013. Toyota hopes that the later launch date will give time for the hydrogen infrastructure to take shape, making fuel cell vehicles more viable for transportation. The date itself has not garnered any major criticism, the price for these vehicles, however, has.

Toyota expects to sell their hydrogen-powered vehicles for approximately $138,000.

This is a huge amount when compared to competitors such as Nissan and Honda planning on releasing their vehicles for roughly $60,000. Advocates for alternative energy have voiced their concern regarding the high prices of these vehicles, but the vehicles will actually be more affordable when sleuths of government-backed rebates are applied to the vehicles. These rebates are an initiative from governments to promote alternative energy in transportation.

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