Toyota to launch hydrogen-powered world tour in March of this year

February 23, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Toyota is embarking on a tour of the world with its new hydrogen-powered concept car, the FCV-R.

The tour will launch next month in Europe, where the FCV-R will stop at a number of locations to show of the prowess and viability of hydrogen fuel cells as a source of energy. The FCV-R made its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show late last year, but Toyota was shy with details on the vehicle’s technology and capabilities. The company’s clandestine attitude now seems to be well founded, as it will use the tour to show off the performance of its new vehicle.

Though it is a concept vehicle, the FCV-R is expected to be produced in 2015 and released into the global market within the same year. Toyota claims that the vehicle can travel more than 430 miles on one full tank of hydrogen gas.

It will also have enough room to seat four people comfortably as well as enough space in the back to keep wrestling with cargo to a minimum. Toyota will release more details as the tour progresses.

The FCV-R will make its European debut on the second stop of its tour next month when it reaches Geneva, Switzerland. Toyota believes that Geneva would be a poignant place to show off their hydrogen-powered vehicle as it is often the location of alternative energy conferences as well as a staging ground for some of the most famous political agreements in history.

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