Toyota to use hydrogen fuel cells for power at its Mirai production facility

February 16, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

Toyota is placing more faith in fuel cell technology

Japanese automaker Toyota is expected to begin testing the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells as energy systems for its production facilities. The automaker has come to hold fuel cells in high regard and has begun using the energy systems to power a new generation of vehicles that do not produce any harmful emissions. Fuel cells can be used for much more than transportation, however, and these energy systems have been used in various industries to provide electrical power.

Hydrogen used by the fuel cell systems will be generated through the use of solar and wind energy

The hydrogen that will be used by the fuel cells to generate electrical power is being produced by solar and wind power generated within the Fukuoka Prefecture. This hydrogen will then be stored for later use to power production processes. These energy systems are expected to limit the emissions that Toyota is responsible for. The automaker has been working to become more environmentally friendly, particularly due to emissions regulations coming from prominent markets throughout the world.

Toyota is investing more heavily in fuel cell technology

Toyota Mirai - Hydrogen Fuel CellsToyota has committed itself to eliminating conventional internal combustion engines in all of its models by 2050. As such, the company has begun to invest heavily in fuel cell technology. Toyota recently launched its first fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, which has been met with strong praise. The company has also been investing in the development of a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure, which is needed to support fuel cell vehicles. By 2020, Toyota hopes to become completely reliant on fuel cell technology for its Mirai production facility.

Fuel cells continue to perform well in various industries

Clean transportation has put fuel cells into the limelight, but these energy systems have been used for several decades in many industries. Companies like Apple are have been using fuel cells to power data centers and telecommunications companies are using these energy systems for backup power for their network towers. In Japan, hydrogen fuel cells are also being used for electrical power in the residential sector.

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