UCLA and UC Berkeley release policy paper on electric vehicles

UCLA and UC Berkeley release policy paper on electric vehicles

September 24, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Policy paper calls for legislative action to support adoption of electric vehicles

A new policy paper from the UCLA and UC Berkeley Schools of Law has been released and highlights the legislative actions that should be taken to ensure the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles had once been considered a novelty, but have proven their capabilities and prowess over the past several years. Now, electric vehicles are often considered a viable replacement for traditional cars, especially for those that are concerned for the environment. Though consumers have been showing interest in electric vehicles, lawmakers have been slow to stimulate long-terms growth in the adoption of such vehicles.

California boasts of strong position in national market

California accounts for 11% of the national market for electric vehicles. As such, it holds significant influence over the auto industry and the companies devoted to the production of such vehicles. Though California holds a prominent place in the market, there is little being done to incentivize the adoption of electric vehicles, a fact that could hurt the state’s market presence and make it unattractive for automakers. According to the policy paper, legislative action on the federal, state, and local level must be taken in order to ensure the mass-adoption of electric vehicles by 2025.

UCLA and UC Berkeley release policy paper on electric vehicles

Challenges must be overcome through legislative action

The U.S. market, as a whole, faces significant challenges in ensuring the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. Though consumers have shown some interest in electric vehicles, the vast majority are unfamiliar with such cars and have no information concerning their performance. The lack of a comprehensive infrastructure is also a serious issue. The cost of electric vehicles has also driven many consumers away from the market. Most of the problems facing the market can be solved through legislative action, but only if lawmakers are willing to take such action.

Recommendations on improving appeal of electric vehicles

The policy paper offers some recommendations that could help facilitate the mass-adoption of electric vehicles. Educating consumers is among the most significant actions that can be taken in this effort. Reducing the fees and costs that consumers and automakers face in the market is also expected to produce promising results. Finally, developing an expansive, easy to use infrastructure will help ensure that consumers have little excuse to avoid electric vehicles.


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