UK beats renewable energy record for a second time

October 3, 2013 0 By Tami Hood

Renewable energy reaches new heights in the UK

The United Kingdom has been making strong progress on the renewable energy front recently. This year, the country broke its own renewable energy generation record, a feat that was achieved through the government’s strong support of clean power and sustainability. Now, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has announced that the United Kingdom has, again, broken a new record when it comes to renewable energy production. In the second quarter of this year, 15.5% of the country’s energy was derived from renewable sources.

Wind energy proves popular

The majority of the country’s renewable energy comes from wind farms, both onshore and offshore. Wind energy has established a strong foothold in the United Kingdom, which is home to some of the largest and most ambitious wind projects in the world. Scotland, in particular, has been a strong advocate when it comes to wind energy. Over the past year, the country’s offshore wind energy capacity has grown by 51%, making the United Kingdom one of the most attractive wind markets in the world.

Uk Renewable EnergyVariety of renewable energy sources helps UK break record

The United Kingdom is not solely focused on wind energy, of course. The country has a variety of renewable energy projects currently supplying it with electrical power. Some of these projects harness the power of the sun while others are based on the tidal activity surrounding the island nation. Hydrogen fuel cells have also become somewhat popular in the United Kingdom within the transportation sector.

Country making strong progress toward energy goals

The UK has broken its renewable energy generation record twice in the past few months. This shows that the country is well on its way to accomplish its ambitious goals concerning sustainability and clean power. The United Kingdom intends to become a world leader on the energy front with a strong focus on clean power. Thus far, the country has managed to show that this ambitious is more than just a hopeful dream.

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