Wind energy makes promising progress in the UK

October 25, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

UK wind energy reaches major milestone in 2012

Wind energy in the United Kingdom made phenomenal progress in 2012, according to the seventh annual “Small and Medium Wind UK Market Report” from RenewableUK. The report shows that the United Kingdom had a record year in 2012 in terms of wind energy capacity and production, as well as market value. The United Kingdom has been growing more aggressive with its interest in renewable energy in recent years and has begun focusing heavily on both solar and wind energy in order to meet its environmental and sustainability goals.

Wind accounts for 102MW of capacity

Wind energy projects in the United Kingdom are quite small when compared to those in other countries, but these projects represent 102 megawatts worth of electrical power. The majority of this capacity was installed in 2012 through a variety of onshore and offshore projects that took place throughout the country. According to RenewableUK, this capacity is expected to continue growing through 2014, pushing wind energy to account for more of the country’s energy production in the future.

wind energy projectsUK aims for economic prosperity through renewable energy

Like other countries, the United Kingdom has shown a strong interest in the economic benefits that can be attained through the adoption of renewable energy. Wind energy has become one of the country’s top priorities as it has access to vast expanses of open sea territory. Strong wind currents can be found at sea, making the ocean a viable location for wind energy projects. To date, the United Kingdom accounts for the largest and highest number of offshore wind energy projects.

Rural areas may benefit from renewable energy

Approximately 20% of the United Kingdom’s population lives in rural areas. These areas are notorious for their dubious connection to the country’s energy grid. While power outages may not be common, the older the country’s energy grid becomes and the higher the demand for electrical power grows, people may find that their access to reliable energy is diminishing. Wind energy is considered a viable way to solve this problem.

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