Intelligent Energy showcases small hydrogen fuel cells at CES 2016

January 7, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

Fuel cell developer offers a new way to power mobile devices

Intelligent Energy has been showing off its new hydrogen fuel cells at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event serves as a time for various companies to showcase innovative technologies and devices, and Intelligent Energy has placed significant focus on its compact fuel cell technology, which is designed to power a range of mobile devices, including smartphones and laptops. Small hydrogen fuel cells are beginning to gain popularity because of their convenient nature and ability to provide reliable electrical power.

Small fuel cells can provide reliable power for a variety of devices

Intelligent Energy is set to demonstrate the capabilities of its new hydrogen fuel cells, which the company believes will free consumers from traditional energy sources and the existing infrastructure. The company’s technology can be embedded into a smartphone, drone, tablet, or laptop, providing a reliable source of energy that can allow consumers to abandon their traditional chargers. Notably, the hydrogen fuel cells developed by Intelligent Energy can be incorporated into existing devices, making it more accessible to consumers.

New fuel cell systems are considered convenient and capable of accommodating the energy needs of consumers

Small hydrogen fuel cells can produce enough electrical power to keep devices charged. These fuel cell systems typically use hydrogen canisters, which are similar to batteries, providing the energy systems with the fuel they need to operate effectively. These fuel cells may be particularly attractive to those that travel frequently, as they serve as a reliable way to power devices.

Intelligent Energy continues to receive praise for its innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology

Over the past year, Intelligent Energy has received strong praise for its hydrogen fuel cell technology. The company has been working with others to encourage advances in the fuel cell industry, which is beginning to grow quickly. Intelligent Energy suggests that the existing energy infrastructure is not designed to accommodate the energy requirements of the modern day, as such, fuel cells may become quite important to consumers with mobile devices of all kinds. On demand energy systems could find significant success in the future, as an estimated 50 billion connected devices are likely to be used throughout the world by 2020.

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