Users in new blockchain project can select their sustainable energy source of choice

Users in new blockchain project can select their sustainable energy source of choice

April 3, 2020 0 By Erin Kilgore

Power Ledger and ekWateur are working together to boost the transition toward renewable power.

Power Ledger, a blockchain project from Australia, is working with ekWateur, a green energy retailer from France, to improve transition toward sustainable energy source use.

The announcement that started this month revealed that the option will be available to a million people.

About a million residents of France will be able to take advantage of the chance to customize their own energy mix. The use of blockchain technology will make it possible to certify that a selection is a sustainable energy source.

The new partnership between the Australian and French companies will connect a network of more than 220,000 French electricity meters to Vision, Power Ledger’s blockchain-enabled tool. EkWakteur is a renewable power retailer and aggregator. It supplies 100 percent renewable electricity. This power is generated through hydraulic plans, photovoltaic (solar) panels and wind turbines. That company is reportedly the first one to provide 100 percent renewable gas from biomethane.

The blockchain tool lets users choose their preferred sustainable energy source mix.

Users of the blockchain tool will not only be able to select where their electricity comes from but will also be able to access tracking at half-hour intervals. The Vision platform provides certification of the electricity’s origin.

“Whether consumers want to source energy from their neighbour’s solar rooftop panels, or a wind farm in Bordeaux, our platform gives consumers choice and control over their energy source,” said Dr. Jemma Green, executive chairperson at Power Ledger.

Both companies are fully aware of the importance of widening consumer flexibility and selection when it comes to making changes that will meet Paris Climate Accord targets. Their goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030. To achieve this goal, Dr. Green said that every household must have the opportunity to change to electricity from a green source.

The technology is aligned to expand across the entire ekWakteur network by the close of 2020. Dr. Green refers to the complete roll-out across France as “a world-first in energy Sustainable energy source - BLockchaintrading” by providing customers with greater control and security through sustainable energy source choice.

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