Virginia lawmakers consider legislation to support solar energy

March 4, 2014 0 By Erin Kilgore

State lawmakers focus on bills that would boost the adoption of solar power

Solar Energy - Virginia LawSolar energy is becoming more popular among homeowners in Virginia and lawmakers are working to make it easier for homeowners throughout the state to acquire solar panels. During this year’s General Assembly, numerous bills concerning solar power were introduced. Many of these bills are designed to promote the adoption of solar energy among homeowners and help reduce the costs associated with the purchase and installation of solar panels. These bills may be able to accelerate the adoption of solar power and help make Virginia one of the strongest advocates for renewable energy in the U.S.

SB 418 intends to make solar panels and associated technology less expensive

One legislation, called Senate Bill 418, aims to remove machinery and tools taxes associated with solar technologies. These taxes add further expensive to solar panels and their installation. This makes it difficult for homeowners to justify their acquisition of solar panels. The high cost of installing these solar panels is also a factor that deters their adoption. By removing the taxes placed on solar products, Virginia lawmakers believe that homeowners will be more inclined to purchase them.

Lawmakers take aim at homeowner associations

Another legislation, called Senate Bill 222, is meant to ensure that homeowner associations are not able to restrict people’s access to solar energy. Homeowner associations typically establish guidelines that homeowners must follow in order to associate with a particular community. Some associations consider solar panels to be unseemly, thereby ruining the aesthetic qualities of a community. Virginia lawmakers are working to ensure that these associations do not unnecessarily block homeowner’s access to solar panels.

Politics often determines how successful clean energy can be

Renewable energy has managed to win a great deal of support throughout the U.S., but there are many factors that have managed to prevent its widespread adoption. Politics typically plays a role in determining whether solar power, as well as other forms of clean energy, is able to find success. Virginia lawmakers are keen to ensure that solar energy attracts more support from the state’s residents.

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