Waste to energy facility opens in UK

May 21, 2014 1 By Angie Bergenson

Waste to energy and recycling project

New renewable energy plant is designed to maximize recycling.

The 26 MW (megawatt) waste to energy (W2E) plant was officially opened by Veolia Environmental Services in Staffordshire, UK and was developed to process approximately 300,000 tons of residual waste annually as part of Staffordshire Country Council’s “Zero Waste to Landfill” strategy and its 70 percent recycle rate objective.

The W2E facility will help manage increasing domestic waste issues.

Veolia’s executive vice president for Ireland and the UK Estelle Brachlianoff stated, “The development of the new plant is all part of the ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ strategy, which is tackling head on the growing problem of domestic waste.”

Brachlianoff said that the organization’s first priority is to maximize recycling and then to recover energy from the remaining residual waste. She also said that landfill energy systems like the Four Ashes waste to energy plant, is crucial to the United Kingdom in order for it to lower carbon emissions and meet landfill diversion goals.

“It can also bring significant economic benefits and by working closely with Staffordshire County Council we are helping stimulate economic growth and improve environmental performance,” the executive vice president added.

The waste to energy plant could save taxpayers over £200 million.

The leader of Staffordshire county council, Councilor Philip Atkins said that the W2E project brings financial benefits to Staffordshire. Over 25 years, the facility can save £250 million in landfill and waste disposal taxes. According to Veolia, the plant has already created 40 new jobs and will be able to produce enough electricity for 35,000 homes.

In addition, the energy from waste facility has been built with the most up-to-date technologies and was also designed to function as an educational center where students and children can learn. The on-site education center will be open to schools in the county and in the surrounding regions. The hope is that it will help increase the understanding among young people that energy is a limited resource and why recycling is important now and in the future.

The waste to energy facility in Staffordshire, UK was built by Veolia in partnership with CNIM Clugston.

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