Waste to energy project announced in North Carolina

May 12, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

waste to energy projects

Blue Sphere Corporation is developing a 5.2 MW waste energy system.

The green energy company that manages and owns waste to energy projects, recently made it known that it will commence its plans to design and engineer its 5.2 MW (megawatt) organic waste to power plant in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The organics to energy facility will start generating power in 2015.

If everything goes according to plan, the waste energy plant should be up and running and producing energy by the summer of 2015. Blue Sphere anticipates that the first stage of the project should take approximately two months to complete and then they will be able to fully launch the project. After this point, work will continue on the actual project site.

Shomi Palas, Blue Sphere’s CEO commented, “This is an incredible milestone in the development of this project. From today and onward, there will now be constant activity on the project until it starts producing power in the summer of 2015.” According to Palas, the company has started the project on schedule and will deliver and generate power on time.

Blue Sphere has more than one waste to energy project in the works for the U.S.

Plans have been made for a facility in Rohde Island and Blue Sphere intends to build 11 facilities with another 6 under development and construction.

The projects involve the building and running of organics waste to energy anaerobic digesters, which Blue Sphere will develop, manage and own. These power plants function using a method that involves processing organic waste (i.e. food and farm waste) that would typically go to landfills, via anaerobic digestion (a process where biodegradable material is broken down by microorganisms without oxygen present), which produces biogas. The gas is converted into electricity. Compost also results from the process. The facility makes a profit from taking in organic waste and from selling compost and clean electricity.

$13.8 million in debt project financing for the waste to energy plant will be provided by a Fortune 50 company and $9.1 million in equity project financing will be provided by a top environmental finance fund. The electricity that is produced at the Charlotte, North Carolina facility will be purchased by one of the biggest power holding companies in the United States, which has signed a deal with Blue Sphere for the long term.

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