Wind energy is cutting down on emissions

May 9, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

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Wind power has become an effective tool in the fight against emissions

Renewable energy may be growing in prominence as an economic and political issue, but it still retains its environmental roots. As more countries around the world begin to embrace clean power, they are doing so to take advantage of both the economic and environmental benefits it offers. Emissions reduction in one of the environmental benefits that renewable energy has become quite famous for. When it comes to emissions reduction, wind energy may be beating out other forms of clean power.

Wind farms are reducing emissions at a nearly 1:1 ratio

Wind farms are proving to be effected are reducing carbon emissions in the environment. These energy systems have reached a point where they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions coming from the energy grid at a 1:1 ratio. Modern energy grids tend to produce a tremendous amount of emissions because of their use of fossil-fuels, but wind energy is capable of displacing nearly all of the emissions that energy grids are responsible for producing.

Wind turbines are becoming less energy intensive to produce

Wind farms are not only reducing emissions because they produce electrical power without consuming fossil-fuels, of course. Wind turbines have become somewhat easy to manufacture and the development process for these energy systems is becoming less energy intensive. Indeed, every stage of the development of new wind farms and their associated technology is becoming more efficient and less reliant on fossil-fuels, thereby translating into fewer emissions released into the environment.

Other forms of clean power are falling behind wind energy when it comes to emissions reduction

Solar energy, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal energy, and other forms of renewable power have also contributed to emissions reduction throughout the world, but wind power is currently ahead of its peers in this regard. With wind energy becoming such a powerful force in the fight against emissions, more countries with an interest in environmentalism are likely to turn to ambitious wind projects that are seeking a new home. These countries could benefit from the economic prospects of these projects while also taking advantage of their environmental benefits.

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