Wind energy record reached in Australia

July 4, 2014 0 By Alicia Moore

Wind Energy - Australia

Australia’s wind energy production hit a new high last week, according to National Electricity Market

Australia has reached a new wind energy milestone, according to the country’s National Electricity Market. Powerful winds visiting the country allowed its wind farms to generate more electrical power than ever before for at least one week. The National Energy Market notes that wind power served as the new base load provider, supplying the country’s eastern states with a significant portion of their electrical power for a prolonged period of time.

91% of South Australia’s energy demand satisfied through the use of wind power

Wind energy supplied two thirds of South Australia’s total energy capacity last week, meeting 91% of the entire state’s energy demand during that period. On June 25, some 2.8 gigawatts of wind power was generated within the span of 30 minutes, accounting for 15.1% of total energy duration for that day. During the past week, Australia significantly reduced its consumption f coal and gas, relying instead on the electricity that was being generated by wind turbines. Hydro power also saw an increase in terms of energy generation last week.

Renewable energy has become the subject of controversy in many parts of Australia

Renewable energy has become something of a controversial subject in Australia. The government had been a strong supporter of solar power and other forms of clean energy in the past, but recent changes in the government have put an end to some support initiatives. These initiatives had helped support the development of new energy projects, but now these projects must find the support they need from the private sector.

Country is still a promising market for the solar and wind energy sectors

Though Australia has begun to focus more heavily on fossil-fuels once again, the country is still an attractive solar and wind market. Both of these forms of renewable energy have managed to find success throughout Australia and have managed to gain momentum with the support of consumers. Homeowners, in particular, are beginning to demand access to clean energy as an alternative to the energy they purchase from utilities.

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