SoCalGas to use Hyzon Motors zero-emission trucks to decarbonize fleet

SoCalGas to use Hyzon Motors zero-emission trucks to decarbonize fleet

September 3, 2021 0 By Bret Williams

The largest natural gas distribution utility will begin rolling out the utility vehicles in 2022.

The Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), and Hyzon Motors (NASDAQ stock symbol HZYN) recently announced their partnership intentions for using zero-emission trucks to decarbonize a utility vehicle fleet.

The partnership is meant to move SoCalGas closer to its 2035 total carbon emission-free fleet commitment.

The SoCalGas and Hyzon Motors partnership is in support of the gas company’s NetZero 2045 climate commitment. Achieving that target will include the replacement of the gas company’s entire over-the-road fleet with fuel cell electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles. As a part of this, the zero-emission trucks will help move the company forward toward its 100 percent carbon free fleet by 2035.

The companies made the announcement of their partnership in Long Beach, California, at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo. Hyzon will be delivering a Class 3 commercial service body utility truck to SoCalGas by next year. That vehicle is expected to reach a top power of about 200 kilowatts and will have a 300-mile range. It will be built on the existing chassis OEM SoCalGas is already using, which will reduce the need for any operations, servicing or training updates.Zero-emission trucks - road sign

The zero-emission trucks partnership will help to bring SoCalGas one step closer to its climate target.

“By partnering with Hyzon Motors on this initial hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric utility truck, SoCalGas is showing their commitment to decarbonize their over-the-road fleet. These efforts will go a long way in helping California meet its climate goals,” said Senator Bob Archuleta.

“Our partnership with Hyzon Motors on this initial fuel cell electric truck represents an additional potential solution to help us accelerate our transition to a zero emissions fleet by 2035. The transportation sector accounts for the largest percentage of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in California. The men and women of SoCalGas drive approximately 32 million miles each year in company vehicles and we believe it is our responsibility and focus to decarbonize our over-the-road fleet,” added SoCalGas vice president of supply chain and operations support Sandra Hrna in a recent news release about the new zero-emission trucks partnership between the two companies.

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