Hyundai enters zero emission hydrogen truck partnership with Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Hyundai enters zero emission hydrogen truck partnership with Luxfer Gas Cylinders

October 15, 2020 1 By Erin Kilgore

This is an important step in the move toward the creation of the first H2 powered truck fleet.

Hyundai has entered into a new partnership with Luxfor Gas Cylinders for the custom systems required for their first zero emission hydrogen truck fleet.

The trucks will be used for transporting supermarket deliveries and other products across Switzerland.

The Hyundai Xcient zero emission hydrogen trucks will be equipped with Luxfor custom systems. Luxfor is the largest high-pressure composite and aluminum cylinder manufacturer in the world.

The bespoke system will be composed of the 400 Luxfer G-Stor H2 cylinders. The 19 tonne vehicles will use more than 400 of the cylinders, which will be manufactured in Luxfer Calgary, Canada. They will then be assembled at the company’s UK base, in Nottingham.

The Luxfer Hyundai design team has been working on the development of the project since February 2019. Since that time, they have come up with the framework and the pipework to allow the cylinders to be seamlessly integrated into the Hyundai transport vehicles. The entire process and design adheres to strict quality and safety regulations.

The companies have already worked together on prototypes before the zero emission hydrogen trucks.

“We’ve been working with Hyundai for around ten years on prototypes, as Hyundai is hugely committed to hydrogen power,” said Luxfer Gas Cylinders Director Mark Lawday. “Our role is to provide the knowledge of a complete fuel system to bring their ideas to life. There is significant interest in hydrogen and CNG (compressed natural gas) across the world, and Governments are now committing to cleaner transport technology as a route to meeting zero emission targets.”

The Hyundai H2 Xcients were manufactured in South Korea. Several have already been shipped to Switzerland where they are already in operation. There, they are leased out to Swiss retailers and logistics companies by way of H2 Energy, a Hyundai joint venture.

The final systems for the zero emission hydrogen trucks are nearly completed. Their installation Zero emission hydrogen - Hyundai Logointo the trucks is expected to occur later this year, at which point those vehicles will join the already operating fleet of H2 powered trucks.

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