Solar energy exports may help Europe recover from financial crisis

Solar energy exports may help Europe recover from financial crisis

August 4, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Alternative energy continues to show its economic promise

As Europe continues to struggle with a financial crisis that is threatening to destabilize the entire region, energy is becoming a primary concern for many countries. Fuel costs have been on the rise for some time. While these costs are not the cause of Europe’s financial crisis, they are certainly contributing to the problems many countries are facing through increasing financial burden. European countries have begun turning to alternative energy to cut fuel costs. Solar energy exports have thus garnered more attention.

Luz.On aims to provide European countries with solar energy

Luz.On, a Portuguese solar energy company, has been working on building solar energy farms whose sole purpose is to provide energy for European counties. The company has targeted countries that are home to powerful solar energy incentives. As such, Germany is considered by the company as being an ideal candidate for the electricity it produces through its new solar energy farms. Luz. On is now examining ways to effectively conduct solar energy exports to the country.

Germany may be an ideal candidate for solar energy exports

Germany is home to some of the most accommodating alternative energy policies in the world. The country has become a leading power in the solar energy market through the establishment of its ambitious feed-in tariff that rewarded residents for their adoption of solar energy systems. Though this measure has been reduced recently, the country is still a promising home for solar energy systems. Luz.On believes that Germany will benefit from the availability of foreign solar energy, but the company may face a problem in regards to international regulations.

Complex legislative landscape could cause problems for solar energy exports

The laws that govern energy exports in Europe are complex and vary from country to country. It can be difficult for nations not within the European Union to navigate this legislative landscape while avoiding the various pitfalls that exist therein. If successful in its navigation, Luz.On may become one of the more successful alternative energy companies that has managed to export energy, especially as the demand for affordable, clean power growth in Europe.


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