Ontario makes changes to its rebate program supporting electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Rebate - Canadian Coins

Rebate program will no longer support vehicles that cost more than $75,000 The government of Ontario is making changes to its rebate program that serves as an incentive to encourage consumers to purchase electric vehicles. In 2016, some $800,000 in rebates were provided to consumers that purchased vehicles with six-figure price tags. On average, consumers received approximately $5,000 to help cover the cost of their new clean vehicles. The government is now setting a limit on the rebate program, which will no longer support vehicles that cost more than $75,000.…

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More support is coming for electric vehicles in Canada

BC government launches new initiative to encourage consumers to purchase electric vehicles The government of British Columbia, Canada, has announced a new initiative to encourage consumers to purchase clean vehicles. The government will be offering incentives to those that want to buy electric vehicles, and these incentives will help make these vehicles more affordable. Electric vehicles have been around for several years, but these vehicles have been slow to sell because of their relatively high cost and their lower efficiency when compared to conventional vehicles. $7.5 million being invested in…

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Grant program for electric vehicles extended in British Columbia

British Columbia Supports Electric Vehicles

Province aims to continue support of electric vehicles The Canadian province of British Columbia has become a strong supporter of clean transportation in recent years. The province has set up for itself ambitious emissions reduction goals that it plans to meet without trouble. Clean transportation is to play a significant role in this endeavor, as conventional vehicles contribute heavily to the emissions problem that the province has targeted. The province currently offers a financial incentive to encourage residents to purchase electric vehicles, such as those equipped with hydrogen fuel cells.…

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Clean Energy Vehicle program shows poor results

Canada - Hydrogen Fuel

Clean Energy Vehicle program is a hard sell in Canada Last year, the Canadian government launched the Clean Energy Vehicle program, which aimed to promote the purchase of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles in the Lower Mainland. The program was meant to provide drivers with rebates when they purchased such vehicles, mitigating the financial blow that is associated with vehicles that make use of fairly advanced technologies. These rebates were expected to help boost the sales of alternatively powered vehicles, but the program has, thus far, been drastically undersubscribed. Few drivers…

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