Fanshawe College to begin green vehicle technology program next year

Fanshawe College to begin green vehicle technology program next year

September 29, 2023 0 By Bret Williams

The post-secondary institution is launching the program in response to a rapidly changing industry.

Fanshawe College in Canada has announced that it will be launching a program called Green Vehicle Technology, which will begin in September 2024 and will focus specifically on low- and zero-emission passenger cars, trucks, and other personal, commercial and industrial vehicles.

The program will be housed at the college’s Centre for Applied Transportation Technologies.

The green vehicle program will specifically concentrate on the transportation sector. This area has been a core component of the local economy where the school is located in Canada. Moreover, that sector is only expected to get larger and cleaner. A new electric vehicle battery plant is slated to open in a nearby city, creating thousands of new jobs for that region. The new program will be well suited to that job sector.

Fanshaw is offering it as a two-year program that will study electric technology as well as other hydrogen technologies, ownership, safety, repair, tech fundamentals, power systems, maintenance, and other areas that will be crucial to this type of transportation. It will be a hands-on program that will also include theoretical experience.

Electric and hydrogen green vehicles are playing a growing role in mainstream transportation.

As Canada and the rest of the world transition to electric and hydrogen-powered cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes and other vehicles, education will need to keep up with the latest technology and developments.

Green vehicle - Zero Emission Car - Canada

Canada’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has set a target for one fifth of all new vehicles sold in 2026 to be carbon neutral. That target will rise to 100 percent by 2035. This type of aggressive target does lead to rapidly changing industries and a need for workers to keep up with those changes.

Preparing graduates for jobs

hydrogen news ebookThe new green vehicles program is meant to help provide the necessary foundation for workers just entering the marketplace or who are educating themselves for a career change.

Among the jobs graduates will be prepared for will include those in manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of power systems, primarily in battery and hydrogen systems. They will also be technicians who will repair the vehicles at a local level.

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